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Some of Our Clients

Early Stage

Aperi Corp

With a footprint that spans America and the EU, Aperi brought the industry’s first virtualized, native live IP media platform to a $1 billion global market.  They count Ericsson and Amazon Web Services among its competitors.  We have worked with the founder on 409a stock compensation since the pre-revenue stage.

Crypto Token Network

A unique valuation problem from a UCSB spin-out.  This company was created to establish a marketplace for owners of excess computer network resources and consumers of network resources using crypto-currency tokens.  We valued the tokens before they began trading on the open market.


Netlok is replacing password login with proprietary-coded photos to keep hackers out, and safe cloud lockers for storing private documents. We have worked with the founders since the pre-revenue stage on securing new angel and venture capital investment.

DNA Apps

DNA apps provides the iphone and android apps Photo Candy, GIFX and Intermix.  We helped the partners determine their worth so that they could negotiate a partner exit.

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The Berry Man, Inc.

The dominant produce distributor on the central coast, now expanding into SoCal. We help the founder and management measure their equity on an ongoing basis as one of their most important Key Performance Indicators.

O'Connor Pest Control

One of the largest pest control companies in the Western U.S. with operations from NorCal to SoCal.  We help with a multi-year family ownership transition to the second generation during which the founder passed away.

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Asset Holding

Hotel & Real Estate Owners

We valued partner interests in seven entities from 30 to 60 years old with total value in the hundreds of millions.  By taking the time to thoroughly review each situation and apply proven principles from the view of an open market buyer, we were credited with avoiding tens of millions in unnecessary estate tax.

Minority Interest Discounts

An over 100 year old central coast company with commercial office, land, and oil and gas holdings. When their first valuation was found lacking by the IRS, our analysis of a minority interest realized a value reduction on the order of 60%.  The revised tax return was accepted by the IRS as presented, and also saved over a hundred thousand dollars in estate tax from the original.

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Sale Support

Improved Deal for Owner Ready to Exit

After three failed attempts to sell this Wisconsin based, value-add distributor in the past ten years through business brokers, our support helped the company negotiate its own buy-out, and improve an initial $5.5MM offer to $7.0MM, plus a $1MM earn out.  

Eighty Year Old Business

After growing the family business to $30 million in revenue, the elderly second generation of a highly recognized food brand sold its Arkansas based company.  Our valuation highlighted a brand extension to additional products, helping to improve the buy-out from $67MM to $70MM.

Management Buy-Out

A Santa Barbara kitchen and bath remodeling company.  We helped with management's buyout of the former owners.  It is now women owned.

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Main Street

Bright Star Care

Bright Star provides home care and transportation for the elderly, alzheimer's patients and children in Ventura, California.  We helped the owners use rollover funds from their 401k plan to buy the franchise.

SBB Gourmet Catering

A Santa Barbara caterer.  We helped American Riviera Bank provide them an SBA loan.

Mammoth Outdoor Sports

An iconic sporting goods company in the Eastern Sierras, we consulted on management's restructure as they dealt with the effects of a business downturn due to a seven year drought.

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