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Steve Steiber, CFO, Urners

Bakersfield, California

I interviewed a number of appraisers for our ESOP valuation.  Jim gave the most intelligent answers by far...

Eugene Keane, Founder & CEO, Aperi Corp.

Camarillo, California

Aperi’s business is both technically and market-wise complex. With his broad experience, Jim was a quick study and rapidly understood Aperi’s value proposition and strategies.  This led to a very efficient engagement and confidence in the outcome. Although we simply wanted FMVs for our ongoing stock option plan, Jim’s reports and its discussions provided much more than that, deeper insights on the business than just valuation.  With a minimum of Aperi management time we got valuable insights and solid FMVs.

Charles Bargiel, Investor

Santa Barbara, California

I found Jim to be personable, competent, knowledgeable and to the point.  The work was promptly done, well organized, reasonably priced, authoritative and exactly what I asked for.

It was accepted without question by my IRA Trustee.

Lyle Perrigo, Founder & CFO, IEG Orange County

Orange, California

Jim is very efficient and attentive to making the best use of my time.  He meets deadlines, which is a big deal, and is great at explaining what matters and why it matters. This gives me confidence that he has a deep knowledge of his field.

I still look forward to being his understudy one of these days.

Bill Korchinski, Founder & CEO, Advanced Industrial Modeling

Santa Barbara, California

Knowledgeable and easy to work with.  It is critical for a business to know what its value is- especially during a change of ownership. Jim provides an impartial, accurate, and well-documented way to quantify what this value is.  He is willing to explain the work, how results were derived, and what the basis is.  He is also willing and flexible in offering additional services should they be needed after the report is delivered.

Chris Sherman, Early Stage Investor & CFO, Netlok

Marina Del Rey, California

As for the benefits of working with Jim, he:

  • Pushes thinking on the numbers.  Asks insightful questions that “force” (in a good sense) those involved in preparing the plan to consider things they may not have thought about.

  • Is flexible in designing the approach based on a client's needs.  Some valuation people have a rigid, set approach, and do not budge off their way of doing things.  Jim listens and knows how to incorporate company-specific information for a project.

  • Clearly explains the valuation process and how the various valuation approaches get to an “answer”.

  • Provides thorough research and explains what his findings mean in a clear and concise fashion.

  • Is readily available to discuss results and/or questions.

  • Sets deadlines and meets them.

  • Good at following up.

  • Quick at revising numbers and providing turnaround.

  • Easy to work with.

  • Keeps the client informed of where billing levels are.

  • Provides good tactical business ideas for clients to consider.

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