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SB Valuations

Since 2003, our founder and chief valuer has provided clients in California and the broader U.S. with high-quality business appraisals.  We draw on specialized knowledge, highly regarded skills and extensive experiences to offer accurate and objective valuations for M&A, partner exits, estate taxes, gifts, employee compensation, divorce and more.  Our appraisals are produced in a timely manner for a fair price that is well below the larger firms.  


Navigating the complexities and demands of a valuation project can be intimidating.   We've built our practice around the unique needs of small businesses and their advisors.  Our solutions are practical, and our approach is friendly.  The process starts with a call or meeting where we discuss the valuation problem.  From there, we establish a scope of work for the engagement, and when you are ready, you sign an engagement agreement.  Simply click to schedule a free introductory call for up to thirty minutes of assessment.


Raising the Bar

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Simple 'run the numbers' reports that get you in the neighborhood for the value of your company.  Includes normalization adjustments, expert data selection and matching of the transaction data to subject


True business appraisals that analyze margins, revenue growth, opportunity size, entry barriers and working capital among other factors.  These certified valuation reports also provide key definitions, appraisal principles and go well over 100 pages in order to explain value to a regulatory agency or a court


Business appraisals that also study  ownership issues and reflect value to the current investors.  This analysis is appropriate for divorce and other investor exits.  Investment value analysis is part of evaluating partial interests in a company because ownership affects investor value.

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Under market value standards, discounts apply to minority interests in private companies and real estate.  Large blocks of public stock are also discounted when a sale of the entire block would depress the price


The value of securities created by a private company depends on the business's ability to repay or upon a sale of the company for a sufficient amount.  A company's securities are appraised because they may or may not be worth face value


  • GAAP measurements, because they often clash with intrinsic valuation principles

  • Professional firms with more than two partners

  • Banks

  • Healthcare firms using RVUs


Any other interesting project is fair game​

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Only the Best

We follow professional standards in detail and apply all three valuation approaches as required by those standards.  Solutions are then engineered so that our opinions must be considered by authorities. 


We have a big valuation toolkit and are masters of the fundamentals.  We don't force a valuation into the one method we like or the only one we know.

​Our viewpoint is that of an investor, not a Fair Value accountant or university statistician. 


We choose M&A data as the primary value basis for a privately held company in the same way that corporations, private equity companies and business brokers do.  This contrasts with valuers that use public market data which is very different, refused by intermediaries and rejected by courts from time to time.

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