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James Lisi is a wizard at providing rock solid, real-world valuations.  His reports are thorough, well supported and highly defensible.  He defended my best client from IRS challenge and paying millions of dollars in unnecessary estate taxes. 

Robert Curtis, Esq., Foley, Bezek, Behle & Curtis, LLP
Santa Barbara, California

This approach is perfect, Jim.  It is exactly the reason we sought you out!  Creative and flexible valuation thought process.  I am really pleased.  Many thanks for continuing to provide such excellent service.

Ian Fisher Esq., Price, Postel & Parma, LLP
Santa Barbara, California

Knowledgeable and easy to work with.  It is critical for a business to know what its value is, especially during a change of ownership. Jim provides an impartial, accurate, and well-documented way to quantify what this value is. 

Bill Korchinski, Founder & CEO, Advanced Industrial Modeling
Santa Barbara, California

Jim is very efficient and attentive to making the best use of my time.  He meets deadlines, which is a big deal, and is great at explaining what matters and why it matters. This gives me confidence that he has a deep knowledge of his field.

Lyle Perrigo, Founder & CFO, IEG Orange County
Orange, California

Jim asks insightful questions that “force” (in a good sense) those involved in preparing the plan to consider things they may not have thought about.  He is also flexible in designing the approach based on a client's needs.  Some valuation people have a rigid, set approach, and do not budge off their way of doing things.  Jim listens and knows how to incorporate company-specific information for a project.

Chris Sherman, Early Stage Investor & CFO, Netlok
Marina Del Rey, California

I interviewed a number of appraisers for our ESOP valuation.  Jim gave the most intelligent answers by far...

Steve Steiber, CFO, Urners
Bakersfield, California

I’ve known Jim for many years and consider him to be a true expert in his field. 

Scott Williams, Esq., The Small Business Law Firm, PC
Thousand Oaks, California

I am impressed that you have developed this manuscript because business research has become more and more academic in its orientations.  I think that only 15 – 20% of PhDs actually publish a single manuscript in their career, so you are doing something that is fairly rare!

Robert H. Moorman, PhD
Frank Holt Jr. Professor of Business Leadership
Elon University

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